Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vistation/order of protection

Q:  My sons father have vistation thursday-sunday afternoon . On social media he stating he is somewhere else but I have no clue who os with my son is staying with I am concern theres a i took out a order of protection aganist my sons father.partial order of protection we can only dicuss the welfare of my son..I want to call and verify where is my child?

A:  David's Answer:  I don't see any harm in calling to check-up on your child. That said, just as he doesn't necessarily have a right to know where you take the child at all times the child is with you, neither do you necessarily. If there is a need for a visitation restriction, then you'll need to file an application with the court & justify your request. Schedule a consult with a NYC Child Custody lawyer for a full assessment.  -- David Bliven, Bronx Child Custody attorney (

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