Saturday, August 17, 2013

My son is 5 years old his father was absent out of his life for 4 years I want full custody.

Q:  My son father is not doing nothing for my child but he file for visitation when my son was around 2-3 years old. I avoided my son father because he dealt with people who did not care for my child how ever I never received the paperwork of the visitation .I also want child support my son father claim he cant pay which he lied to the court he have three different bank accounts. If my son father decides to go for visitation I want them monitored I was in a domestic violence shelter due to my son dad because of his harassment. I don't know how the court will handle this situation because I want full custody but his dad is no where to be found.

A:  David's Answer:  You can certainly file a petition to enforce the back child support. Assuming you get a money judgment for the arrears, notify Support Collection Unit for where he has the bank accounts. As for whether the court will restrict his visitation, you'd need to provide more facts, including the extent of the harassment, how recent it was as well as whether the father is currently vitiating the child (and how often). For a full assessment, schedule a consultation with a Bronx Child Custody lawyer. -- David Bliven, Bronx Child Custody attorney (

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