Thursday, October 9, 2014

Should I obtain a lawyer

Q: I changed the court order from supervised visits for drug allegations against my daughter father and now I notice I made a mistake and want to by allowing him to have my daughter unsupervised on multiple occasions because I was being nice. Now I want to change the court order and make it supervised because he called her a mean name by saying she's a punk and letting her watch pg13 stuff when she's only 6 years old... My daughter said daddy called her a mean word and she does not want to go back. I told her she doesn't have to but my daughter father is saying that's against the law and I was already negligent by changing the court order. If I want to enforce supervise visitations now or stop the visirations because my daughter said daddy hurt her feelings can I do so without any issues?

A: David's Answer: Preliminarily, I doubt - in itself - the facts you're presenting would serve as the basis for supervised visits. Perhaps it would serve as the basis for a more specific order, one which prohibits either parent from having the child view PG-13 or higher rated movies, for example. That said, you're almost always better off retaining a lawyer for Custody cases. - David Bliven, Bronx Child Custody attorney (

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