Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If I moved out of state due to the fact that I was behind on rent and was going to get evicted and didn't have any family in

Q:  Arizona and I also have a son and a wife that lives with me and we had no choice but to move to New York but I also have 2 children who live with their mother and grandparents and we are going to court for custody and support what might happen if I didn't let the court know I was moving or moved? And is it a good idea to let the court know I'm moving or moved? Also would I still be able to receive govntment help when I owe back child support? I'm just not sure what to do and also haven't seen my other 2 children in 3-4 years so I would need to get therapy before I can see them but can't afford do I have any luck in seeing them even though I am far away from them? And their mother isn't willing to compromise with me since I've gotten married please help next court date is coming up soon

A:  David's Answer:  I would not understand your reason(s) for not wanting to let the court know you moved. Hypothetically, if you win custody, don't you think the mother would figure things out when the child she goes to visit is not across town but on the other side of the country? That said, if the custody & support cases are pending in Arizona, you'd need to re-post this question on that state's forum.   -- David Bliven, Bronx Child custody attorney (

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