Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can we go to Mediation on our own?

Q:  My son's mother has agreed to terms in my favor in our custody battle (giving me residential custody, and joint custody), we have only been to 2 court sessions, we have not done mediation, can we go to mediation on our own and present our agreement to the referee next court date even though it was not ordered? I want to get this done sooner then later before she changes her mind

A:  David's Answer:  The short answer is yes, mediation does not need to be ordered. Only if you wish to partake in the free, courthouse mediation does it usually require an order of reference. In any event, for a full assessment, you're encouraged to schedule a free consultation with a NYC Custody attorney.   -- David Bliven, Bronx Child Custody attorney (www.blivenlaw.net)

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