Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Racism...can family court do anything?

Q: Here is the friends ex (white guy) is becoming more racist by the minute to his ex girlfriend who is now with a black guy. He has had many comments about "his" kids being with "them" and since the birth of the child, graduated to telling the very young innocent minds of "his" children that new baby is NOT their sibling, and referring to the children as "monkeys". What's worse, is that they repeat this to their black siblings. It disgusts me to no end that this exists, I got tears typing that because I believe all children are beautiful. So my question is....can she get help?

A: David's Answer: The question will ultimately be how you prove he made those comments, as I would anticipate he would deny it if the issue were raised in court. Thus, I suggest to try to get him on tape using that language, or write a letter/e-mail to the mother & confront her with the comments and ask that she rectify the situation. I would try this route first before running in on a petition without proof. -- David Bliven, Bronx Child Custody lawyer (

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