Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Can custodial parent make doctor appointment during non custodial visitation day, even if they are with my wife?

Q: My former girlfriend keeps making appointments for my kids while I have them. We have alternate weekends and my wife is a great step mom to them. My baby mom always seems to make appointments while in my care without any regard to our agreement. Because they are with my wife and she is saying that I'm not home so she can do that because they are not with me, the order says Sundays till 7.00 pm. The other says nothing about whether if I'm home of not

A: David's Answer: You are best advised to file a modification petition so the order is clear that neither parent should make non-emergency appointments for the children during the other parent's time. To buttress your petition, you should compile a list of all the days you missed over the past several months due to these appointments. -- David Bliven, Bronx Child Custody lawyer (

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