Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What can I do to stop my sons father from leaving to Pennsylvania while there's a visitation court order in effect since 2010?

Q: My sons father was granted custody on 2010 after aca had removed my kids from me because my middle son walked out of the apartment while I was asleep, I have my daughter on my care for 1 year and a half I refuse with my parents and I have space my middle sons father was granted custody as well and passed away on Nov'12 and I am court for a writ and the judge is leaning in returning my child who resides with the grandmother in Virginia because I am the next of Kin, now back to the subject my 10 year whose father just notified me about his departure to Pennsylvania because he got a 3 bedroom house for rent, my son doesn't want to go with him and besides there is an existing court visitation order in effect in which he stated that he plans on violating because cant be traveling back and forth

A: David's Answer: You should file a petition & order to show cause requesting an order preventing the move pending a full hearing on the issue. That said, I also highly encourage you to schedule a follow-up consultation with a Bronx Co. Child Custody lawyer to review what steps you need to take & how to prepare the case to better your odds of success. -- David Bliven, Bronx Child Custody attorney (

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